domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2012


"Turkey is in the midst of a revolution politically, economically and socially. Its historic place in the world, in particular as a bridge between the East and West, has never been more important. Since the end of the Cold War, Turkey has emerged as the lynchpin country in the Middle East and has played a positive role in trying to solve the region's most intractable problems. Even today, with the upheaval in Libya and Syria, Turkey is one of the most important players in trying to keep all sides talking and moving on a positive track. Today, Turkey's economy is the fastest growing in the world. This story examines the economy, culture, politics and religion of this growing powerhouse of the Middle East and the impact this rapid growth has on people's daily lives. From the modern automobile factory in Bursa making minibuses for Rome's municipal transport service to the Arcelik plant outside of Istanbul making washing machines for the European market, this story is a testament to this country's phenomenal growth. Turkey stands as a model nation for not only the Muslim world, but also the developing world. "

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